"Sprout Wings & Fly" a Les Blank film

"Running the Dogs"  book jacket for Random House

 "Amelia" from a series on famous American women

More work on The i Spot and my Portfolio site....




Illustration Portfolio 

Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm  |  Begins Jan. 29  (12 wks)

See samples of student work

Brush up your portfolio. 
Add to what you already have or stretch out and try something new.
Or .. work on that children's book you have hidden in your sock drawer. 

This class is centered on the individual student's  unique talent, ability and interests   The course course is designed to develop and solidify personal style, learn how to conceive strong concepts and clear execution of ideas. 

Assignments will touch on various sectors of the illustration market, including publishing, editorial, licensing and corporate. Students will be encouraged to broadly interpret the assignments: an assignment about time can become a science-fiction piece, a conceptual illustration, or a wonderful children's book. Color, value, concept, execution and medium will be covered. Assignments vary each semester. 

Learn how to approach an illustration job with an understanding of the type of work you want to create.  All aspects of the business side of Illustration will be discussed, such as finding illustration markets, contracts, negotiations, subsidiary rights and reps, copyrights, promotion and self-marketing. 

Sign up soon, last semester filled up fast.

Contact me with any questions, or come to SVA's Illustration & Cartooning Dept Free Info Session:
Jan. 13 at 6:30 pm
209 East 23rd Street, room 311, 3rd floor.
Seating is given on a first-come, first-served basis.


First Snow

Since we are waiting for a pre-Thanksgiving snow storm, following the dumping that western NY just got (8 ft!), I thought I would share a tip I learned while working on this project.  If you have to go the barn to milk the cows during a blizzard, tie a bright colored string around your front door knob and unwind it as you go out.  Then follow it back home.  Stay safe out there.


Travelers Series : Elk Dog

This is second in my travellers series. I'm painting on old road  maps.  The texture makes a nice starting point.  And the colors give me ideas of where to go.  The roads are like veins.
Part 1 : Wolf Scout, is here, if you missed it.


Original Art Exhibit opens Wednesday

I was lucky enough to be one of the jurors for this year's Original Art exhibit at the Society of Illustrators http://www.societyillustrators.org/The-Museum/2014/OA/The-Original-Art.aspx The exhibit opens this week, can't wait to see show! The hardest part of jurying, besides flying through 600+ books, was choosing the medal winners. In the end three gorgeous books were chosen.  Here we are, bleary eyed but still smiling!


From "Jeoffry's Halloween,"a night what nothing is what it seems.


Just So Stories

I'm working on a series of illustrations for Rudyard Kipling's many animal tales.  My favorite so far is Rikki Tikki Tavi, the bold snake killing mongoose, "who was completely eaten up by curiosity." I will post some sketches soon.

This is an illustration for a book series I'm working on, which involves five kids, some time travel, a magic camel and a monkey or two.


Happy Earth Day!

An illustration from "Moon Child" from Random House, which stars a little sea otter.  Ever since finishing this book I've dreamed of spending my time floating in calm waters and eating clams. I might be ready for summer.


Goodbye, Gabriel

So sad to hear of the passing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of my favorite authors. Some of my earliest illustration attempts were  of trying to make representational pictures of his elusive images.  I imagine him now inhabiting that in-between world of Not-Quite-Here-or-There.


Leaving China, A Brief Book Review

Years and years ago I took an illustration class with James McMullan at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I was a bit intimidated since I love his work, but it was a really good class: Illustration as Visual essay.  (the class gradually morphed into the current MFA program.) One of the assignments was to illustrate the life of someone who wore a uniform for work.  It forced me way out of my comfort zone and I found myself following my subject through the halls of NY Hospital, through the neo-natal ICU, and on to fancy dinner parties —all in the guise of a journalist/illustrator.  In the end, thankfully, he told me he thought I would be a good illustrator.

Now I'm teaching at SVA and last night one of my current students gave me a signed copy of James McMullan's new book, "Leaving China" – a memoir of his childhood during WWII when his family was living in China. It is filled with beautiful illustrations that must have been simmering in his soul for nearly 80 years until he was finally ready and able to put them down on paper.  There are also lots of pictures of people in uniforms. The story of his childhood —a harrowing  adventure for a timid boy—was the reason, I'm sure, that he became the artist he is.

Thanks for the book, Catherine!


Mashed up Fairy Tales

Mashed up Fairy Tales

Just Starting Out

Just Starting Out
This piece is featured in Profiles Issue #8 .

Tomb 10A

Tomb 10A


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